Commercial Photography

Action Shots

A professional high-quality image of you administering a treatment on one of your patients is a great way to showcase your services. You could use this on your website to advertise “wrinkle relaxing injections”. You could even use this for offline marketing material and of course, in your organic social media posts.

photography for aesthetics clinics

Before & after shots

Nothing quite advertises your ability as an aesthetician and the effectiveness of the treatment like a before and after picture. After-all, seeing is believing. It’s human nature to be sceptical, we’ll ensure your images display the results clearly & accurately.

Images For Campaigns

This image was used for a social media ad campaign. Julie Pawson Aesthetics have a very distinctive brand – everything is in black and white. As it was the festive season, we decided to give this image a subtle bit of glam, by photoshopping the models lips and nails red. Subtle, but effective and more importantly, still on brand.

There are many ways we can present your clinic in images. Whether you have skincare products, or you want action shots of you treating your patients, or even before and after images. We can give your brand the creative edge. We’ll set the scene, capture the images, edit them and hand them over to you.  Your aesthetics clinic will have professional images that reflect your personality and brand. 

Let's get creative with your aesthetics clinic

Some of the companies we've worked with

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