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Powerful Brand Presence

Having a strong brand identity and presence is essential if you want to stand out (for the right reasons).

Does your brand have personality? If so, what personality have you given it and why? The human narrative you choose to give your clinic must suit who you are, what you do and who your patients are, otherwise you won’t be authentic and your patients will see it a mile off.

“Authenticity is about being true to who you are.”

How we'll build your brand

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Photography Service

The images you choose to represent your brand are so important. What will a low quality image say about your high quality service? What will a photo of an awkward camera-shy employee say about your friendly team? All images we create will be clear, natural, high quality and represent you in the best possible way.

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Branding All Your Images

Whether you choose to use our photography services, our stock images or both, we'll make sure they are all branded with your colours and logo. All content produced by us will be on brand and consistent. This is essential if you want a strong brand identity and strong presence.

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Video For Social Media

What grabs your attention when you're aimlessly scrolling down your Facebook news feed? Is it reams of text, images, or video? Nothing quite captures an audiences attention like a video that autoplays when your scroll down to it. We can create video content for you to share on social media, or even embed on your website.

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Providing Stock Imagery

Wherever possible, it's always better to use your own images, but sometimes it's not practical. For these instances stock images can be used to represent your brand. We'll select and provide images that are best suited to represent you, whilst conforming to your branding guidlines standards. We'll choose carefully and brand them with your logo.

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Graphic Design

As good as cameras are, what if a high quality image of you, your team or your products just won't cut it? How about adding some special effects to those pictures to really make them stand out? We use the latest version of photoshop, meaning the sky is the limit when it comes to editing and special effects.

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On Brand Copywriting

Written content for your website, social media campaigns, case studies and more. The narrative you choose to represent your company is just as important as the images you use to represent you. Think about your audience, what language do they use? You should write to cater for the style of your reader - this comes back to being authentic too.

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