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Advertise your aesthetic treatments online

Is a brochure website what you need?

First off, before you decide if a brochure website is best for you, let’s discuss a few deciding factors.

If you have a MedSpa, you’ll need to advertise your treatments on your website. You’ll also need to share information about your Medspa, your team and even your latest news and updates. If that’s all you want to do, a brochure website is perfect for you.

This is the same if you have a dental practice or a cosmetic surgery. Your website users will be able to contact you through your website, by filling in a contact form.

To give you an idea of what a brochure website is… you’re on one right now as you read this.

We don’t sell products through our website, we also don’t sell services that can be purchased through our website. Therefore, a brochure website is perfect for us.

Our website is here to educate, inform, engage and generate leads for us.

In many cases, this will be perfect for you too.

Generate more leads for your dental practice.

Brochure websites are perfect for dental practices. In most cases, dental treatments can’t be booked through a website. A patient may need diagnosing on the most appropriate treatment before booking. Then when it comes to aesthetic dental treatments, they are too complex to purchase online. However, a booking system that is synced with your google calendar could work perfectly. More about booking systems here.

We’d recommend that only consultations can be booked online. Any other treatments would require a more in-depth consultation and assessment – but you know that more than we do. 

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Increase your patient bookings!

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Brochure websites for clinics

We’ve created brochure websites for aesthetic clinics, as well as e-commerce websites and websites with booking facilities too. 

Which website you opt for will be dictated by your requirement and your budget. The good news is, we’re able to offer a website that will suit your budget. We can always develop your website over time, if you wish to had a shop section, or add an online booking facility. 

All 3 types of websites work perfectly for aesthetic clinics. So which ever option you choose, you’ll have a beautiful, professional and fully functional website to represent your clinic. 

Brochure websites for medical training academies

We’ve created brochure websites for medical training schools and brochure websites with booking facilities.

Both websites worked perfectly for our client’s needs. So again, whichever you choose, you will be able to use it to effectively promote your medical training courses. 

We did find that the conversion rates were much stronger for the training schools that offered an online booking and payment facility. So we would always advise you opt for that level of functionality. But if your budget restricts you, you can still have a very successful brochure website. 

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