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Design & Branding

Creating an unforgettable impression 

Branding: Who are you?

How do you want your aesthetic business to be perceived? Your brand should be an extension of you, it should allow your personality to shine through. We create authentic brands that make aesthetic businesses stand out for all the right reasons. 

Personality and branding

What would the people who know you and your brand say about you? Are you super professional and clinical? Are you a little quirky? Our aim is to get to know you and inject life into your brand. We want it to reflect you in the best possible way.

Let's talk colour

Which colours should you go with? If you already have a website (and you’re happy with it) we’d suggest using the colours off your website and implementing them across your brand. Brand consistency is absolutely crucial. If we removed your logo off your marketing material, would your clients still know it’s you? Strong, consistent branding will ensure the absence of your logo will still mean your brand is identifiable. 

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Copywriting for Social Media

Social media is such a powerful marketing tool. Getting your online voice right couldn’t be more important. We’re very experienced in this area, we’ve managed multiple campaigns, for many aesthetic businesses. Social media can be used to engage, educate and convert your audience to paying customers. 

We’ve built strong communities for our aesthetic clients on social media. An engaged audience is much more likely to interact with your future posts and book with you. 

Give your brand a face (even if it's not yours)

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C business, the fact remains, you’re connecting with people. A great way to achieve this is to give your business a face and a human narrative. We’ve worked with aesthetic businesses that don’t feel comfortable using their own faces. Well that’s just fine – we can create a face for you. We did just that for a large drug company, as you can see it brings personality and life to their brand and messages. 

Talk to us about branding and your MedSpa.