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Design For Promotions

Stunning designs that will capture their attention

Facebook Promotions

Do you run promotions on Facebook, or Instagram for that matter? The design of your ad is very important to the outcome of your campaign. More about Facebook advertising here. 

A huge contributing factor to a successful campaign is your artwork. We are experts at designing graphics, specifically for social media campaigns. Even more specifically for the medical Aesthetics industry.

We’ve designed graphics for many successful social media campaigns. We know what works and we’ll use our knowledge and experience to create a highly successful and highly converting campaign for your aesthetic business.

Size Matters...

Forget what you’ve heard, size matters. Obviously we’re talking about image sizes. 

Depending on where you want your ads to appear, “placements” (we can discuss that). You’ll need images in certain sizes, to perform best on whichever device they will be displayed on.

Getting The Text Right

Up until recently, there was a limit on the amount of text you could use on your ads. In fact it was 20% – this has now been lifted, there is no limit. However it is still very important that we get your message right. It needs to grab your audiences attention and urge them to want to contact you, book with you or purchase off your website. 

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Catching Their Eye

Designs that are created for the use in promotions need to be informative, engaging and eye-catching. We keep those 3 principals at the heart of all our promotional designs.

This can be from the font we use, the messaging, the imagery and more. There’s no guess work in our designs, everything we create is based on experience and knowledge within the aesthetics industry.

Got a promotion coming up?