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Perfect for your skincare range

It’s quite easy to determine whether or not an e-commerce website is the right one for you. Do you want to sell products or services on your website? 

Many MedSpa’s we’ve worked with have their own skincare range, so choosing to have an online store has been essential for them. It’s definitely a great idea if you’re wanting to increase your sales. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to do that?

Not just products

An e-commerce website can be used for more than selling your products, it can be used for any online purchase.

This includes:

  • Treatments
  • Training Courses
  • Gift coupons

Less cancellations

A great way to decrease the amount of cancellations you receive, is to take a deposit up front. 

We’ve found that Medspas and training schools who sell their treatments and courses online, receive a lot less cancellations. We’d recommend you make your treatments and courses bookable and payable through your website.

All payments will be secure and go straight to your designated bank account.

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Increase your patient bookings!

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Stay open 24/7

Imagine a store that never closes. It sounds cliche to say, “make money in your sleep” but that’s quite  literally what you can do with an online store. It’s a great way to increase your revenue. 

Also a great service to offer your customers. They can purchase their favorite products from your website whenever they want.

Impulse buys also tend to happen when it’s a super easy process for the customer to finalize their purchase. Nothing’s more simple than buying online. 

Increase your patient bookings!

Order your new website today.

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