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Email Marketing

Promoting your aesthetic business 

Advertise your promotions

Using email to advertise your latest promotions is a great way to increase the success rate of any campaign. 

If you have a high quality list of subscribers on your email list, then all we need to do is create highly converting emails and send them out at the best possible time. Simple. Okay, there’s more to it than that, but essentially that’s what we will do. 

We’ve created email campaigns for our aesthetics clients that have generated over $15k from one email.

A strong email campaign works perfectly with your other online and offline promotions. We ensure your narrative is carried across all campaigns with brand consistency. 

Everything is aimed at increasing your leads and conversions. 

Recipe for success

As you can see on the image from a campaign we created and managed, we can see exactly where the users click. This gives a great idea on what is successful and what isn’t. 

We’re constantly analyzing and adapting as we go forward. This method gives us valuable insights to perfect your email campaigns. 

We analyze the times when your emails were opened, how many times a user reopened the email, where they clicked and even if they unsubscribed. Each email we create for your aesthetics business, gives us more and more data to create stronger emails moving forward.

No more abandoned carts

We all do this. Do a little online shopping, put a bunch of items in our cart and then leave without paying. Have you ever had that follow up email that says, “complete your order now and we’ll give you 10% off”? That’s just one example and it doesn’t always have to be a money-off incentive. These emails increased one clients conversions by a further 25%. All these percentages add up.

Your websites users are already engaged, sometimes they just need a little nudge to purchase the items, you know they already wanted.


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Announcements in their inbox

Whether you’re announcing a new aesthetics package, your new covid rules, or announcing a new member of your growing team. Email is a great method to use to get your message across.

You’d be surprised. We’ve even had feedback that a Medspas patients look forward to receiving their email every two weeks. We ensured it was always loaded with engaging news and skincare tips. It’s not just about slashing prices. In fact, it’s rarely about that. The aim is to convey the value in your products and services. We want to increase your bookings and sales, not lower your profit margins. 

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