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Growing your aesthetic business through social media

Facebook ads for aesthetics

Do you currently use Facebook to advertise your medical services and products? Or if you have a medical training school, have you tried to advertise your coursers on Facebook?

If so, what’s your success rate been? Have you been inundated with injuries and bookings, or does it feel like you’re talking to a brick wall?

It’s very common for businesses to feel that Facebook ads are not for them and pretty much a waste of time and money.

This is actually true – if you don’t know what you’re doing and don’t have a solid strategy in place.

Taking the guess work out.

The worst thing you can do is guess your way through your Facebook ads campaigns. Especially when you’re throwing hundreds, or thousands of dollars at a campaign. We research, plan and test on all campaigns. You’ll see from the screenshots we’ve provided, we achieve very positive results for our clients. Plus we can track everything and report on what works well and what doesn’t return as positively. 

Creating a formula for success

We track everything, we can tell you were every cent goes. That’s great for you to see where your money is going and gain an insight on your ROI (return on investment). But we use it to establish a best practice. If we know what works, we’re able to build audience profiles and target them based on their buying activity, interests, locations, and a LOT more. We can even retarget previously engaged buyers, or even people who have visited your website recently. 


Trend Setters

Choose which treatments and products you want to sell the most of, we’ll make it the case. Our campaigns lead to dictating what your most popular products, services and treatments are at any given time.

We created trends for pharmacies that trickled down to Medspas and their patients. This lead to spikes in the popularity in treatments across the country. All through Facebook. A well-planned and managed Facebook campaign can change everything for your aesthetic business. 

We never guarantee overnight success (be wary of anyone who does) but at the same time, it doesn’t take us forever and a day to give you a positive ROI.

Results we achieved for a drug company

Preston lancashire facebook marketing medspa

Results we achieved for a Medspa

Facebook ads for aesthetics Medspas Preston lancashire

Results we achieved for a training school

Facebook ads agency Manchester
promotions design for aesthetics clinics and dental practice

Copywriting for Social Media

Social media is such a powerful marketing tool. Getting your online voice right couldn’t be more important. We’re very experienced in this area, we’ve managed multiple campaigns, for many aesthetic businesses. Social media can be used to engage, educate and convert your audience to paying customers. 

We’ve built strong communities for our aesthetic clients on social media. An engaged audience is much more likely to interact with your future posts and book with you. 

Grow your aesthetic business through Facebook ads