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More about our Graphic Design services

We’re specialise in providing graphic design services for the medical aesthetics sector.

Design is in everything and everywhere we look. How do you want your patients to perceive your brand? 

Stock images are fantastic, but what about images that have been created and branded just for you? A strong brand presence will help you stay etched into the minds of your patients.  You want a visit to your website to be an experience. Are you a high-end luxurious clinic? Does your website or marketing material reflect this?

Whether you need bespoke imagery for Facebook adverts, beautiful designs for your marketing material, or fresh designs for your website. We have you covered. 

Design is an opportunity

We’ll create images that do much more than just look nice on a screen. 


We're pro's on photoshop, but your final result will only be as good as the images we work on. High quality images, containing the correct composition and angles is essential.

Marketing Material

Do you hand out catalogues, or flyers at exhibitions? What will a potential customer's first impression and lasting impression be of you? Let's make it a positive long-lasting impression.

Web Design

How do you want your clinic to be represented online? Your website is your shop window, it's extremely important to give the right impression, whilst retaining functionality and clever design.

Special Offers

Special offers are a great way to increase enquiries and bookings at your clinic. But does your advert clearly communicate your offer and… does it look good? After all, you’re in the business of making people look good. It’s important that all your adverts are aesthetically pleasing.

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Contemperory Design

Our client approached us with a dilemma. They needed to announce to their customers that they would require upfront payments from now on. What better way to announce a change in policy than to use a classy, elegant and contemporary image. The imagine conforms to Julie Pawson Aesthetics’ brand standards and clearly conveys their message.

Design for facebook ads

We created this image to advertise Dermalax for Acre Pharma. If you buy your products from them, you may have even seen it. After creating images and running ad campaigns on Dermalax. It became Acre Pharma’s most successful product (by a long way). The power of professional design, combined with targeted Facebook ad campaigns.

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Rubber Or Real?

Powerful & Evocative Messaging Using Strong Imagery & Text

Is it time you stepped away from publisher and handed your brief over to the professionals? 

Forget newsletter templates, or flyer templates. You’re better than that, we’ll create images that will put your clinic in a new league, allowing you to reach out to that customer base that knows a good thing when they see it.

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Monthly Branding Packages

From just £149 a month, we can offer branded packages, so that every image your clinic shares will be fully branded so all your images are consistent with your brand and instantly recognisable.

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One-off graphic designs projects

Do you need a one off-design for a business card, a flyer, a banner, a new logo, or even a new image to use on your website's home page? We've got you covered. Hand us your brief and we'll do the rest.

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Designs for your social media campaigns

Standing out on social media is more important now and more challenging now than ever before. We create powerful images that are guaranteed to grab your audiences attention.

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