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Logo Design

The image that will represent your aesthetics business

Your new logo

It’s very important that you get your logo just right. Think about it, your logo represents your brand. In many cases, it’s the first identifying factor a new client will have of you. It’s also the final memory they will have. 

To build a strong brand – (which you absolutely should want to do) you will need to brand all your on and offline marketing material.

Your logo will feature on most of your marketing material, let’s make it an exceptional feature. 

What will your logo say about you?

Maybe not so much, “what will it say?” but more, “what should it say?”

The Deso Training logo we created represents a medical training school that has patient safety at the very heart of everything they teach. The heart represents health. The shape around the heart is representative of a tick of approval. It also represents how everything revolves around the heart. Passion and safety. 

This message was especially important for the Deso Training Alliance. Their medical training school is made up of some of the best medical practitioners in the country. They will only train medical practitioners in the safest possible way.

Their mission is to make the medical aesthetics industry a safer place for patients. 

Keep it simple

We can be as creative as your imagination will allow you to go. We’ll always advise – based on who you are, who your patients are and what you want to achieve. However, if you have a certain design idea, we’re here to help unlock your ideas and design them into reality. 

Sometimes simple is the best solution. Some of the designs we’ve created have been simple, clean and perfect for the Medspa or Aesthetic Training Company’s brand. 

For example, the name of the owner/company has literally been the logo for one Medspa. Again, with an aesthetic training company, we used the name of their company and then designed a small image to represent the people who will be teaching and learning. (Medical nurses). It’s simple, but explains everything you need to know about their aesthetic businesses. 

logo design for your aesthetic clinic

Stand out from your competitors

Where will you be using your logo? Your website, email signature, printed material, social media, uniform? With that said, it’s very important that you get it right.

We’ll design a logo for you that will be professional, clean, high quality and representative of your brand. It’s always best to get it right first time. It’s not a great idea to change your logo multiple times, it will confuse your audience and make it much more difficult to establish a strong brand identity.

"We already have a quality logo"

Unfortunately we’ve seen this so many times. Logos that have been created using publishing tools and saved at a very low quality. When that same logo is blown up for use on larger applications, the results are pixelated, low-quality logos. Please don’t do this.

You’re in the business of aesthetics. Everything you do is about creating aesthetically pleasing results (in the safest possible way). The same goes for us – not so much the safety aspect. But we’re in the business of creating aesthetically pleasing designs. 

Your logo will look high quality and perfect on a business card, or a full sized banner at an exhibition. 

We'll design the perfect logo for you