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Online Booking Systems

Take bookings for your aesthetic treatments online

Take bookings through your website

We can add this level of functionally  to any website we build for your aesthetic business. Many Medspas and aesthetic training schools choose to have online booking facilities on their website. 

Increase in bookings

Medspas, dental practices and aesthetic training schools with booking systems, take more bookings than those who don’t. We especially noticed this on websites that have added a booking system added at a later date.

The easier it is for your customers and patients to book your services and pay online, the more likely they are to fully commit to their booking.

Integrate with Zoom and Google calendars

The zoom feature has grown in popularity since the Covid restrictions that have affected the whole world. If you have a training school, have you considered taking your teachings online? A great way to do this is to use zoom. We can make your courses available to purchase online. Once your customer has paid for their course, they will be sent a link to their zoom course. Better yet – your google calendar and theirs will be updated with their course date and time. Perfect. 

Increase your patient bookings!

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Online booking results from a website we built

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Take a look at some booking systems we've created

Book Aesthetic Treatments Online

Making it possible for your patients to book their treatments through your website is such a great way to streamline your booking process. 

We can even make it possible for your patients and customers to pay for their treatments or services through your website. We’ll create a secure payment gateway, so all payments and data are safe and secure.

Increase your patient bookings!

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Take a deposit

If you’d rather access new patients before allowing them to book and pay for their treatments, you could make it possible for them to book a consultation through your website. They could then pay a small deposit through your website, that will be redeemable against their treatment.

Whichever solution works best for you and your aesthetic business, we’ve got you covered. 

Need an online booking system for your Aesthetics business?