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Facebook Advertising

When Acre Pharma approached us, they had recently had their website built by another agency. It was now time to drive some serious traffic to their new website. They needed to have a strong brand, an ethical narrative and of course strong campaigns centered around driving product sales.

We created and managed all their adverts on both Facebook and Instagram. The image slider gives you an insight into some of the ads we created and managed for Acre Pharma.

The graph below shows you how well the ads converted to paying customers.

As you can see the sales increased to a huge £450,430.32 in just 10 months. This doesn’t take into account the sales that converted on their other website. Total sales were just over £1m.

Email Marketing

The results we achieved for Acre Pharma blew us away. We had spent 6 months building their brand and engaging their audience. It was now time to implement a powerful email marketing campaign. The first email we created and sent for Acre lead to £20k off just 1 email.

We’ve shared an example of a typical email. The percentages show of the clicks that occurred on the email, where the most clicks were. This gave us a powerful insight that we used for future email campaigns. 

We also set up abandoned cart emails on their website and cross sells and up sell emails. “You may also like this”.

Web Development

Acre Pharma had a very bespoke requirement that required a high level of planning and development.

As they have two website, they wanted the user to have the ability to register an account on one website, and then check a box that would simultaneously create an account for them on the other website.

Further to this, they wanted the admin email that would approve the account to work on approving both accounts at the same time.

This was a very complex project for us, but we achieved exactly what Acre Pharma wanted and needed. 

Graphic Design

We created bespoke graphics for all email campaigns and social media adverts that we created and managed for Acre Pharma.

This ensured that everything could be designed around the campaign, rather than relying on stock imagery that may not have offered an accurate representation. Furthermore, bespoke graphic design will always help any business have a strong brand identity and a professional look. 

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