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Let’s point new patients to your clinic

Getting your clinic to page 1 on google

SEO has become a bit of a buzz phrase as a generic solution that makes your website ranking go from zero to hero. Not only in the digital marketing industry, but the whole commercial landscape for that matter. 

All you need to know about SEO is this… we’ll optimise your website in search engines so your target audience can find you. 

An amazing website is only half the picture

Increase in traffic

One of the main reasons for optimising your website will be to increase the amount of traffic your website receives. Improving your ranking will result in a higher level of website traffic. More traffic equals a positive SEO score.

User Friendly

Ensuring your website is user friendly, will also give search engines a positive signal, resulting in a higher ranking for you. If your visitors can easily navigate your website, they are much more likely to spend more time there and convert to paying customers.

Lower Bounce Rate

Ensuring your website contains good quality content will result in attracting the right visitors. These visitors will spend more time on your website. This will send a positive signal to search engines that your website is a quality website and not spam.

Page 1 google ranking

Page 1 on Google is where everyone is competing to be. Imagine the exposure you would get if your website was featured on page 1? We've achieved page 1 rankings for companies who operate within very competitive industries. No black magic, just consistent SEO.

SEO services for your aesthetics clinic

How will your patients find your clinic? Will they search for your product or services based on geographical keywords? Will they use the name of your service, or even the name of your products? If you only rank for your company name, a new customer will never find you, as they won’t know who you are to search for you under your name. If you’re London based, you need to rank for “Lip fillers in London” for example…

SEO Packages

SEO Starter Package

We recommend that all our website packages should include the SEO started package. This will ensure that your website is set up to start ranking for your key words.

Taking it one step further

Now that you’re ranking, it’s time to take it further and start ranking for long-tail key words, so your website will show up for multiple search terms.

Soar above your competitors

It’s time to start heading for that top spot – page 1 on Google. This is also a time to reach out and engage with your new and existing audience.


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