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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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SEO for your Aesthetics business

SEO optimised content

We’re experts at creating SEO optimized content, specifically for the medical aesthetics industry.

This includes the written content on your website. The written content has a dual purpose, it needs to inform your audience, but also it needs to contain the perfect density of keywords, so it can serve as a ranking tool. Too many key words leads to Google penalizing your website for attempting to spam the search engines, But also it makes for a very boring read.

We want your written content to engage your audience and elevate you to the top of the search engines. 

Titles and descriptions

The titles for each of your web pages need to be optimized for google. This is a key area that needs to be optimised. It also servers as a very powerful sales tool – that’s why we make the titles and descriptions as informative and enticing as possible. 

There’s a very limited word count, so it’s imperative that every single word is the right one.

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Good for mobile, good for your ranking.

How many websites do you access a day? Ok, that’s a bit of a difficult question to answer. How about, which device do you use the most to go online? In most cases, it’s probably your phone. If not, you fall into the 20% minority.

That’s right, 80% of website traffic is made up of mobile users. With this said, it is essential that your website is fully mobile optimised. Google will reward you with strong rankings for this, and punish you for not. Punishment comes in the form of low rankings.

The good news is, all our websites are fully mobile responsive and designed to operate at high speeds at all times.

Landing pages

Landing pages are such power SEO tools. We’ve created many landing pages for many aesthetics business. There are a number of ways we can do this. Your requirements will dictate the type of landing page we build for you, of course we’ll use our expertise to advise you on best practice. 

We can improve your ranking for multiple geographical locations, services or products. Even for terms such as, “Best MedSpa in London?” for example. 

Ready to Outrank your competitors?